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Christmas In A Box, All In One - CIAB-AIO-15
Christmas In A Box

Christmas In A Box, All In One

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    Christmas In A Box

    It's all plug and play. No programming required!  Take it out of the box.  Plug in the lights, speaker and control unit, sit back and wait for people to go WOW!
    Like everyone else, you probably have plans to hang Christmas lights this year.  But how would you like to have the light display that everyone envies?
    Think of a computer, MP3 player, 16 channel light controller, FM transmitter and super simple cord connections all in one box and ready to take over your light display.  In reality it's the latest generation Animated Lighting Monster Brain and LC-16 light controller bundled with a miniature FM transmitter that has a 150' range and color coded plugs, graphics, video and instructions to make it brain-dead simple to install.  Included are two different show memory chips to include classic and modern Christmas music as well as gaps between songs to allow traffic to move. 
    It's all plug and play. No programming required!  Take it out of the box.  Plug in the lights, put a sign in your front yard telling drivers to tune to 106.7FM, plug in the control unit, sit back and wait for people to go WOW!

    We make it easy!
    Detailed instructions show you how to hang lights on your trees and columns in light "zones" to get the best effect.
    Deliver synchronized holiday music with your light effects!
    The Christmas Christmas In A Box with Music Synchronization is a separate product offering that delivers the same great light shows in synch with several classic holiday songs. 

    Use mini-lights, C7, C9, or LED light sets!
    No special light sets are required. In fact, the Christmas In A Box uses standard mini-lights, C7, C9, LED, and rope lights you've used in recent years or that are available at any discount, department, or hardware store.
    Include your own lighted tree toppers, lawn figurines, or other fixtures!
    Not just lights, the Christmas In A Box also includes open "channels" for connecting stars, deer, Santas, snowmen, and other lawn-oriented lights.
    Decorate one tree or column or include several in your show!
    A single Christmas In A Box is capable of delivering its light show across several conical objects depending on their size. If you reach the light limit on your first controller, no problem!  The Christmas In A Box Expansion Controllers easily connect to your main controller to handle a virtually unlimited number of trees or columns.

    What songs are available exclusively for Christmas In A Box All In One?

    • Classic Christmas show includes:  Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Linus & Lucy, Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Carol of The Bells 
    • Techno Christmas Show includes:  Christmas Eve Sarajevo, Mad Russian Christmas, Wizards in Winter, Queen of Winter Night, Christmas Canon (all by the  Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

      Technical Specifications
    • Power Input: 120VAC/60Hz (240V/50Hz optional)
    • Multi-Phase Operation: Each power input will automatically detect the phase it is connected to and operate properly.
    • Channels: 4 or 16
    • Channel Capacity: 1-10 amps per channel depending on configuration
    • Board Capacity: 4-60 amps depending on configuration
    • Protection: Transient protected with Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and standard 3AG fast acting fuses
    • Output: 16 channel controllers:  grounded Edison outlets
    • Output:  4 channel controllers:  non-grounded, in-line Edison plugs
    • Isolation: Low-voltage section is optically isolated from high voltage
    • Control Input: RS-485 via RJ45 Jacks
    • Addressing: Up to 256 boards can be on one Animated Lighting network
    • Built-In Effects: Ramp, Fade, Blink, Pop, Sparkle, Flicker, Shimmer, Reverse-Pop
    • Effect Timing: 0 – 25.5 seconds

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